Sunday, 20 January 2013

Baron month shows no sign of recovery

After an awful start to the month of December which included three funerals and a jobless 28 days, I can see no sign of a recovery.

With no rise in output over the Christmas period and no expected Christmas rush arriving , things were and still are , pretty dire.

My regular customer usually has me in one of their trucks at least three times a week but I've had one day since December 7 th
Until last Friday.

Then just as the whole county were getting ready to climb back under the duvet after spying a 2 cm covering of white stuff out of the window, I dragged myself out of mine and set off up the motorway towards Liverpool.

It was a long day and I really appreciated the chance to earn a few quid but when I got back we had had a visitor and I really wish i could of been there to see him.

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