Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Red's Yard A new story.

 This is a childrens story about Red and Speedy who work together at Reds Yard.  I Hope you like it. 

  The New Adventure Park

Red started up his engine.
He was making an early start because, today was the day the equipment for the new Adventure Park was being collected.

The Village  had decided to build an Adventure Park on the village green for the children of Saxondale and Red was collecting it.

Speedy was coming along as usual to load up.

Doug was going to bring a crane on his trailer to lift the large pieces into place and meet them at the village green later.
Over in the next yard, Lex and Reg had heard about Reds job and were determined to ruin it.

They had always wanted to work for the village and were jealous of all the trucks in Reds Yard.

Red and Speedy hadn’t been to this factory before and were planning a safe route that avoided low bridges and country lanes and didn’t notice Reg and Lex slip out of the yard next door and off down the road.
Speedy jumped up onto the back of Reds flat bed trailer and off they went.

It was a long way to the factory and Red and speedy had to stop on the way for a rest.

“Not long now Speedy” said Red “and we will soon have an adventure park to be proud off in Saxondale”

“I hope all the other trucks are ok in the yard without us Red” said speedy.

“I’m sure they will be fine Speedy” said Red. As he settled at a steady speed on the motorway and moved into the left lane.

When they arrived at the factory they were met by a huge pile of logs, swings, slides, chutes and other fun looking play equipment.

“Hop to it speedy” shouted Red with a blast of his horn,

“The sooner it’s on, the sooner were gone!”
Speedy started to load the trailer with all the equipment and soon they were ready to go.

“Let’s roll” said Red as Speedy hauled himself on to the trailer and settled down for a long earned rest as Red drove them safely back to Saxondale.

With Speedy sound asleep on the back it was a long slow drive back and Red was glad when he saw a sign saying Saxondale next left.

He took the left but the road began to get narrower and narrower and bumpier and bumpier and Red realised he had gone the wrong way.

How had that happened he thought? He had followed the signs perfectly.

Speedy woke with all the bumping and decided to go ahead and see where they were.

Speedy jumped down and set off up the bumpy road. He soon found a place in the road large enough for Red to turn around and he called for Red to come up to him slowly.

After a while they saw another sign for Saxondale, at last thought Red, who was feeling rather tired and was close to needing another rest.

Red turned off and thought he saw something familiar out of the corner of his eye as he turned right at the road sign.

The road he took was signposted, Saxondale, but straight ahead was a railway bridge that was much too low for Red, “However could this of happened”? He shouted as he came to a stop just in front of the low bridge.
“We checked our route and followed every sign, didn’t we Speedy?” fumed Red “somebody’s playing tricks on us and I think I know who it is”

Red thought back to when he took the turn and realised that what he thought he saw out of the corner of his eye was a tipper truck, hiding behind the sign post as they sped past.
“I think we have a couple of naughty tippers following us Speedy” said Red, “let’s give them a taste of their own medicine.”

“Great idea” said Speedy “but first we have to get you turned around, we’ll never fit under this bridge”

After a lot of to- ing and fro- ing, Red was eventually facing the other way and speedy raced ahead to see if he could find the two troublesome tippers.

He saw Reg first, trying to hide his rather ample self behind a rather small post, the post was a sign post that said Saxondale, but it was turned to point the wrong way. Speedy noted the right way and called Red down to meet him.

They set off again, but this time they went the opposite way to every sign they saw and soon caught up with the naughty tipper trucks.

By turning all the signs around, before Lex and Reg got to them, Red and Speedy managed to completely muddle the two naughty tipper trucks up and they went around and around in circles trying to get themselves back to Saxondale.

By now other the trucks’ in Reds Yard had become worried and misty had been sent out to find Red and Speedy.

“Hey” shouted misty as she caught sight of her friends, “We been looking for you two for ages”

“We had a couple of problems Misty” Speedy said “but we seem to have navigated our way around them.”

Red laughed as they set off to the Saxondale village green where Doug was waiting with a Crane and a worried looking Mayor Mo who welcomed them back home.

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