Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A slow start

Cambridge and Norwich are as good a place as any to get back into the swing of things after some time off.

I went back to work last week but this was my first full week and it was nice to get in to some nice scenery and enjoy the driving.


This wasnt one of my drops in Norwich but I wouldnt be surprised if it was one day, My lot will deliver anywhere.


This is Norwich Catherderal
  And this is a smelly old farm with loads off lovely roadside wrecks buried at the back of it.
This was a delivery on a bank called 16 foot bank It was a nightmare to get to because of the water and the tiny roads.

When I got there I had to reverse into here, this primary school was on half term luckily.

This is Boots in Nottingham , a notorious time trap, Its like  a tardis inside only time stops still.


The security gaurd gives you a pager and a map and tells you where to drive to depending on the amount of beeps the pager makes, fine if it only beeps a certain number of times but mine kept beeping like a bloody alarm clock until I pressed a button on it. That changed the beeper tone, and then it went onto silent and buzzed instead.


I decided to drive around to the bays anyway and dropped onto bay 14.
I handed in my keys and told the lady , "Bay 14 love" and whipped back into the cab.

 A few minutes later a DHL artic pulled up next to me and said , "they just beeped me 14 drive , you gonna be long! " ha ha ha , I just styled it out and said "Bloody Goods In, useless!"

After Nottingham I was due in Newcastle and knew in the back of my mind I wouldnt be home that night. 
I kept that thought pushed to the back though because I didnt want to dwell on the fact that I would be in the tin can again.



 I had a delivery here in the Retail park in Gateshead and then a really freindly Fenwicks in Newcastle later.




Instead of rolling in late after my night out I was told to get set off at 4 am to be loaded back at ours for 6. I was off to Birmingham , 9 delivery's and two collections.


 I was parked opposite this very expensive trailer waiting to be tipped this morning .

 I didnt know that Birmingham had a +2 lane system and look who's allowed in it as well.


watched this going back on while I unloaded some concrete at this groundworks site.


This is just what the pubs look like in Birmingham !! (only kidding)
My collection was here , for Algeria then coventy anf home but my appetite for pictures was being out fought by my appetite for food so I stopped clicking and concentrated on getting back.

Thursday sees me in Ashton so Im off to bed as usual to sleep for a few hours.

I need to find a spellchecker for the blogspot as well !

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