Saturday, 10 October 2009

The end of the week

Just a few pictures today of what I saw, a few simple delivery's and observations along the way.

I was at a Plumb centre in Gainsborough for 7 am and then due at Boots in Nottingham for 9. It was a bit tight making the time slot but this queue helped me out.
It was finally my turn and after being given a pager, I was sent to sit on a bay.
After a quick check for dead rabbits I parked up and waited.

I was supposed to pick up some more scattered neutrons for the power station on the way back home so I planned my route to minimise traffic because Nottingham is traffic hell.

I planned it past this power station . Ratcliffe. It was having the security upgraded.

I had to go back up to the airport for the neutrons and that took me past Donnington Park, New home of the British Grand Prix. I hope its better than the old one here

Parked up waiting to be loaded I found this camper van parked far to close to this lamp post for my liking.I was finished by 12 o-clock and thought I was due an early finish since it was Friday but no.

I was to come back and get loaded for a drop in Boreham wood.

Welcome to the M1 on Friday afternoons.
These were taken on the way back up.

He wishes this was blurred by speed. I just couldn't get it focused properly.
This camper lives not far from our yard and I have to pass it most mornings on the way to work.

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