Saturday, 19 September 2009

The new shop was swamped

I was delivering at a customer in Chelsea that I hadn't been to before and I was told as long as you get the wheels of the truck right next to the curb, you can pull off the pallets straight on to the pavement and it will be easy.

When I got to the shop I was met with nothing but roadworks , even the roadworks had roadworks in them. It was a nightmare.

Everywhere I looked was a sea of cones.

I had to open up the curtains on the truck and side tip the whole 5 pallets.

When I opened the curtains I was met with total carnage. It looked like they had opened the rood and just poured my load in.

The floor was covered in pipes and the pallets had been balanced on top of them.

Everything had slid off the pipes and met in the middle.

Some of the goods had completely left the pallets and others were just waiting for some movement to join in the mayhem.

As soon as I tried to pull the first pallet towards the back ,off the pipes, the other pallets just slid further into the mess.

It wasn't looking good because I was on Fulham high street , in the middle of the roadworks , outside a school ,at nine o-clock and I had a lorry full of mangled wood, pipe and tv's.

Luckily the customers load was still intact, if only a little bit inaccessible.

There was one shop worker, an Aussie, who fancied himself as a bit of a muscleman , stripped down to his vest to to reveal Atlas arms and jumped up into the back.

He started manhandling the pallets to the end of the truck, balanced them on the end of the tailift and over the bollards!

I was tipped in 25 minutes , a record for that store.

My next drop was a train engineering works in Selhurst park.

The tiniest pallet you have ever seen and my lot at work had decided to bury it under a load of 4 metre long pipes just to confuse me.

I dropped here at the inspection shed and made my way out.

This is the first time I had ever seen my low bridge warning on the tom tom from the trains perspective.

Look carefully at the tom tom and you will see the low bridge height warning and my blue triangle on the train line!


I have no other reason to publish the picture of a massive truck, other than I saw it on the way to my one of my other drops in Ruislip.I was going to make this the car of the day but I never really did like that shape Range Rover.

I had been in West London and I was struggling to find a car of the day, but while trying to make my way down to Croydon, which was a total nightmare, this caught my eye on the M1 home.

We were traveling at a few mile per hour because of an accident at Junction 15 and this kept going past. The pineapples alone had me in stitches.

When we got moving after the hold up, this Aston Martin made the sound of the day as it went roaring past.
I am in Wales on Monday so lets see what joys the Welsh have in store for me.

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