Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Follow the sat nav game

On Monday I was given the same 7.5 t wagon that I had last week, sent to Wales and told to pack my sleeping bag.

I was due in Ross on Wye really early for a timed delivery at the plumb center for 7 am.

I had a sneaky feeling that the Plumb Centers open at 7.30 but I arrived at 7 anyway.

They opened as predicted at 7.30 and tipped me straight away.

I made my way to Cardif for my 2nd drop.

I was a little bored with the M5 and the M4 so I decided to play a game called
"follow the satnav"

Basically I typed the postcode in and then just followed exactly where it said to go, every tiny lane and farm track it threw at me, I went down.

It was brilliant and I saw some amazing countryside on my drive from Cardif to Henegoin, up to Hereford and back home.

Ill post some of the pictures I took along the way.

This must be the prettiest place I have ever taken a 45 minute tacho break.

The sound of the waterfall was fantastic, until two chavtastic fishermen (boys) turned up in a " souped up supernova" and spoilt the ambiance.
The truck was just behind me in this picture, but you wouldn't of thought there was even a road anywhere for miles , never mind an industrial estate.

Not a lot happened but I didnt need the sleeping bag, and it was nice to see some relaxing scenery for a change and not the roar and monotony of the motorway.

I am up Proper North tommorrow, Leeds , Manchester , Bury and Oldham , I bet its cold wet and windy.

I also bet I run out of fuel(nearly).

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