Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Box Truck

I have spent a few days down in London so I thought I would post a posh car.

I was given my own truck for the week. Its a box truck so I have been getting re acquainted with my pallet truck again.

Its a nice truck to drive and I could easily get used to not seeing flapping ,billowing curtains as I drive along but its a drag when you are jumping to and from deliverys in a different order to what the pallets are loaded in.

I have an interesting drop on London Bridge right next to the London Dungeon.

The drop was a tricky underground loading dock and I was supervised by a very efficient German shop worker.

I was told "exactly what was expected of me, her and the company .

I was to reverse into the loading area until she "Shouted"STOP! I was actually expecting to hear HALT !

I reversed , she shouted STOP and I stopped. then she pulled out my tailift and motioned me back a few more inches , she then dropped the tailift onto the dock and I was in position.

After positioning my self to the approved standards I then entered stage two of the delivery.

I had to take each pallet off separately and then get them into the goods lift with the pallet truck and run up the stairs to press the button , when it arrived at my floor I had to roll the pallet to the shop.
The Pallet had to be a certain way on the pallet truck for it to enter the lift.

My instructions didn't stop there though because I had to drop the pallets to the side of the corridor leaving a wide enough gap for the passage of any person or persons wishing to pass.

Im here again but with one less pallet and at least now I know the rules.

I had loads more drops around London and passed Madame Tussuad'slater in the day.

I was on the way home and wondered whether this would be a better use of my Class 2 licence.

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  1. That's quite a truck you have got. You got some pretty good moves maneuvering it too.


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