Saturday, 2 November 2013

Lorry Driving, forums & all that Crap!

As  a Lorry driver I get to see a lot of the country.
Mostly its the arse end of the country to be honest , and it can make you cynical and pessimistic.
As an antidote to all that cynicism and pessimism I write this blog and I now also publish Apps.

This gives me some hope that I wont be driving lorries for the rest of my life, and it gives me something to look forward to.

Even though I know I will be driving lorries for the rest of my life, I can at least pretend I wont be when I'm dragging my tired body out of my warm bed at 3.30 in the morning to head down to london in a 32 tonne wagon to moffett 20 tonne of tiles into spaces that were never designed to be accessed.

It pays the bills and it isn't as hard as being a coal miner or as dangerous as being  fireman but its not the best job in the world.

Its also not a difficult job to do either as some would have you believe.

I do however reserve the right to complain about my job.
I have just as much right to moan and groan as much as the next person.

I used to post on the Truckenet UK forum, I even used to write a small piece for them each month.
This blog used to be posted up on the Truck & Driver website so I know a bit about having an online presence.

The sad thing now  is that anywhere you write an opinion about anything these days, others jump down your throat and line up to insult you.

If you mention that work gets you down, "Give it up then" , "muppet" they type, or "stop complaining and get another job fool" they post.

If you mention things you see out on the road ," wannabee copper" they put, "get back to your sad blog , ( as if anyone reads it)" they put.

Before you can even get a decent discussion going ,the keyboard warriors pile in and spoil every thread.

I write because I like to write and I like to share what I see out and about and I like to find out that others have the same experience's  as me .

Its good to find out that others feel the same way as you and that you're not alone.
Basically I write and I publish Apps, I also drive a truck and I don't care admitting that most days, I hate it.

One day I might be able to sit at home and get paid for it ,using my brain instead of my driving licence and thats what inspires me to get up and go out to work every day. Its called ambition and some of us have it and some of us don't, a bit like class really.

Heres some pictures and the links to the APPS. thanks for reading

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