Friday, 14 June 2013

The day the freelancer dies

These are all taken on the road in my truck. 

I drive for pleasure and I drive for a living but that living is getting increasingly hard to make. 
With the work drying up for lorries all across the country and contracts being lost. Blue chip businesses now  favour sub standard pallet networks over a dedicated haulier. It's a blessing  if I get three days work in a row these days.

That was fine in the days when you were paid a weeks wage after a weeks work but in these days of corporate greed and giants of industry vs the underdog it's us, the under dog who suffers. 30 and 60 days to wait for a weeks pay is blatant exploitation and pretty unsustainable, especially in a climate of austerity and cut backs. 
Store groups and large companies screw us down in a hundred different ways and hitting is where it hurts I think is below the belt. 
Roll on August.  

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