Monday, 24 September 2012

Washout of the plebs.

The day started and ended wet!

I was away by 5 am today with a 9 am in Bromley.
I arrived at 8:58 just as he shop was being unlocked.

Rain on the motorway always slows everything down but it's better to arrive late than not at all as the saying goes.

After the awkward first delivery it was off to Crawley and past gatwick airport.

The radio is a constant in my working day and I have it on most days so I have a fairly good grasp of up to date news items.

As a common pleb, I should know my place but I am so annoyed at those tory bully boys smashing our country in tiny,
privatised pieces.

Every now and then though, the mask slips and their true colours come gleaming through.

Thrasher was so incensed at being told what to do by a common police office that he threatened to have him fired.

his bluff was called however and he has since denied it and hopes that it will all be forgotten.

He says he has apologised, but how can you apologise and have it accepted if you haven't actually said what it is you are apologising for?

Anyway, enough of my political rant,
Back to the lorryday.

After Crawley I had to head over to Hayes and work my way back up North via Redhill and Leighton Buzzard.

It was a wet, wet drive up the A5 and the M1 as I passed a couple of trains that were off for a refurb.
By 6pm I was finished and I have
a day off tomorrow but hopefully I'll be booked for a few more shifts from Wednesday, so here's hoping it drys up before then.

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