Thursday, 13 September 2012

Another long night to think

After agreeing to a 10 pm delivery yesterday, I had planned a nice leisurely day with the family and then set off about 8 pm to Stafford, drop the load at 10 and back home for midnight.

Plans and transport don't neccasaarily work out the way you want though.

I found myself stuck on the m69/m6 for over two hours.

I was called in early with an extra job and as usual, everything went wrong and I ended up sitting in the can for over ten hours.
It did make me think though after listening to the awful accounts of the Hillsborough victims and the slur that they have had to live with all these years.

Family member after family member recounting personal accounts, each one a lifetime of grief. Not just a few minutes of feeling upset, but day after day of Unbearable loss.

It wasn't a shock to me that the police had lied but it was a shock they have had to admit it. The fall out will be vast and I hope that every single person that participated in the cover up will be held to account.

Listening to those family's, not just the ones campaigning for all those years but the ones' in the background who have had to try and get on with there lives as normal, jobs , bills , other kids all the things we take for granted. They quickly pulled me back into the real world and made me realise that a few hours delay was actually the least of my worries.
This blog is about my day and the day definitely belonged to Justice for the 96.

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