Tuesday, 23 February 2010

More pain No gain

There are very few places where its ok for a painful abcess to burst but I think I was lucky today when mine burst in the consultants room, just as he was saying he couldn't see any thing wrong with me (despite my cheeks looking like I was smuggling golf balls)

After a few swabs for the lab I was allowed to spit the foul tasting fluid out.

With the pain at last easing I was sent down to the pharmacy to collect some antibiotics.

It was only when I spoke to the nurse and heard my voice making a whistling noise that I realised that I hadn't just spat the poisen out of my mouth I had spat my front tooth out with it as well.

It all started yesterday when I was driving up in Lancashire on my deliverys.

My operation wound was playing up and seemed like it was becoming infected.

Throughout the day it grew worse and was begginging to cause me a lot of pain.

I had started out at five am and was on the home straight when the office called in a load and go job from Toyota in deeside to their other factory in Derby.

We were collecting a few training machines and they were proving hard to track down. It was made harder by the famous unhelpful security men who live at every blue chip gate and who's sole purpose in life is to annoy,hinder and generally upset every poor sole who finds themselves at these horrible individuals mercy.

I eventually found the person I needed and he took me to the machines.

As we walked through the factory I was surprised to see a human train walking towards us.

It was made up of three very confident looking Japanese men and 15 or so very nervous looking English business men following behind with clipboards.

My guide was beside himself and took great pride in telling me that those three men were numbers two, three and four in the whole Toyota Corp.

They were checking out the UK aspect of the business and seemed very serious.

When I was loaded and at the derby plant I was met by the same awkward security gate ettiqete but was eventually asked to go and park by this door.

Every two minutes this happened.

From this

To this

Or this

Every two minutes. Amazing.

I found their new energy efficent, zero co2 product parked up at the back of the factory.

At least it won't have a problem with the accelerator pedals.

The job finally finished at 7 pm and by that time I was in no mood for anything other than strong painkillers and bed.

My wife had used the good sense to ring the hospital and they told me to come in the next day.
And here we are, a few more days off work and minus a front crown ( made loose by the first surgery ) lying somewhere at the bottom of a hospital hazardous waste bin no doubt.

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