Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Coming back from holiday was a wake up call

I was back to work on Tuesday.

Being on sick cover after the Bank holiday was never going to be easy, but 4 am with my awful work phone ringing with the pre set ring tone waking me up in a panic was horrible.

I had a run to Kingston upon Thames and then a drop near Heathrow and then finish, so It wasn’t that bad when I finally got into the groove.

I took a few pictures of the things that caught my eye on the motorway going down

This camper looked really clean but was going about 35 MPH and was really annoying every one, It wasn’t overtaking me. I was in the slip road

The Kawasaki race team went past me in this impressive motor home

Talking of race teams, this Red bull tractor couldn’t have been pulling the new car could it?
No wonder they seem to of slowed down a bit lately if they are making the cars out of that load.

Now this was a beautiful car, R8 UFO, it was trying to fly but sadly, the M25 had clipped its wings.

I arrived at Kempton park and saw this houseboat on the River Thames, bigger than my house.

I passed Kew Gardens and just managed to fire off a snap of another famous London Landmark.

I was finished in Kingston and had to make my way to Heathrow.
These local Leicester lads have been doing quite well lately, they seem to have been fly posting a few London buildings

This is the first 59 reg car I saw on new reg day.

I was looking for somewhere to stop and usually use Toddington because it has an M&S shop that is good value considering it’s on a motorway.

There were no spaces.

It was absolutely packed, a good sign for the industry but no good to me on an empty stomach.

I was back in the yard by three and home soon after, lucky me, another 4 am this morning.

Ok Rant time.
I was on the way to work this morning and switched on the radio to hear the M1 south was shut until 8 am, great this meant a diversion to the A1 via the M6, it meant another 30 minutes on the journey but it didn’t matter because I was going here

Superdrug in Harlow.

I eventually found it on top of a shopping centre called the Harley Centre.

I had to go down in the filthy lift and drag my two pallets through the cluttered and dingy walkways to be greeted with a grunt and a door shutting in my face.

The shop didn’t want the delivery and the lady who answered my bell ringing didn’t even have the decency to hang around to explain.

I could hear her through the door telling her supervisor she wasn’t in the mood for delivery’s!! Can you believe some people?

I didn’t realise you could tell your boss you weren’t in the mood, I wasn’t in the mood when I got up at 4 am to drag this crap all the way down south, share a lift with the ingredients that make all MacDonald’s and navigate a roof top full of 44 ton arctic’s all trying to back onto the same 6' wide shelf.

The supervisor opened the door and explained, very politely they didn’t expect it to be this much but they were willing to take it. Oh happy days. Taking the stuff your company has ordered and paid to be delivered to you, it could catch on.

After Superdrug I went over to a building site in Dagenham to drop off a One ton piece of European Oak beam.

I opened the curtain up to show the customer what I had for him.

He looked shocked at the size of it.

"Its the size of a tree" he said.

"Well it used to be one I replied.

Lost for words I got back in the Lorry while they worked out how to get it off.

Eventually I suggested a fork lift. Another Eureka moment from Lorry day.

Before I thought of using a fork lift they were seriously contemplating asking these lads.

There all on community service, it says community payback on their backs!.

I gave my favourite carpark (The M25) the slip this afternoon and got back to the yard for 3 pm again.

Thats a habit I dont mind keeping.

I might send this to biglorryblog . I think it was the reason for the slow traffic on the M25 earlier.

Norwich tommorow at 4 am again so time for sleep.


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