Thursday, 6 August 2009

A week in luxury

I have been in a new 09 registered truck this week which is nice but this one has a twist.

Its a 10 tonner, it looks roughly the same as a 7.5 t but carry's 5 ton.

Its nice and compact and is really easy to get about in.

I have been all over the country in it this week and I have to say I loved it.

Its automatic so even with a lot of city multidropping, it drives like a dream , no clutch or gears to constantly change leaving you fresh and alert.

The cab is quite spacious and very simple with few gadgets but that's a good thing really because that's less to go wrong.

I had a delivery in Birmingham at parceline.

I got to the security gate and had to look up to see the person behind the glass.

She didn't speak but she did push out a metal drawer , the type you get at a 24 hour petrol station.

I placed my notes inside and she pulled the drawer back, looked through them and pushed them back out with this map.

That was as far as she was prepared to communicate so I set off to follow the treasure trail.

I was unloaded by a really cheerful forkie which was nice seeing as every body else I had met had decided to take a bitterness pill.

I was in Burton next at the famous Coors brewery
I was delivering fridges and the people at Coors were having difficulty finding out where they were meant to go.

They gave me this map and it was obvious why they couldn't work out where I was meant to go.

On the way out I passed the Coors museum.

Tuesday and I was up north , one of the jobs was a pretty smelly place.
It was a really tiny drive that I had to reverse up and then carry the goods the last few yards because it wouldn't go up all the way.

As remote as it looked,the M1 is just across the field and is only about half a mile away.

The way it works at our place is that they tell me what time they want me to leave the yard in the morning and when you get in your truck ,your notes are in it.That's when you find out where you are going.

I typed in the post code on Wednesday and this is what came up , an AM delivery!
I was making good time but then the M6 fought back and I stopped for 90 minutes at 7 am and it totally screwed the whole day up.

Its not very often that you get overtaken by a helicopter on the ground but this went flying past on the way to my last delivery at ASDA in Chepstow.

Camper van of the day needed a little bit of help getting home.

I was finally home from Wales at 9 pm and this gave me a late start pass for Thursday.

My first delivery was here at John Lewis in Northants.
The rest of today was pretty slow and I was sent home early but with a 4 am start tomorrow I'm starting to wish I had slept when I got in.

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