Tuesday, 18 August 2009

On call all week

Car of the day.

I was employed at this firm as a full time ,"Spare Driver" and so far I have had a vehicle to drive every day since I started in June.

There are two of us 'Spare' and usually we are both kept busy, but this week I have been on sickness cover.

I was told to keep my work phone with me and be ready if any one rang.

Monday morning at 5.30 I woken up with the phone ringing and asked to get in for 6 " A nice little run over to Cambridge "said the voice on the phone.

The truck was another 7.5 t ! I put my stuff in and found my notes Cambridge first, but then Hunstanton , then Norwich , then Attelborough and then back to Cambridge. No wonder the driver rang in sick.

In fact I think he was sick because he spent so long in this filthy truck. It smelt like rotten feet, I swear I moved my face to a certain position and I gagged. It was simply disgusting.

It didn't get any better all day.

It had grease and grime in every single crevice of the cab controls , they were all black with dirt and all the rubber areas around the steering wheel and gears had crumbs and fag ash and even worse , I saw nail clippings.

I was cursing the smelly sod all day.

I sprayed all the cheap aftershave I had been bought for Christmas in various parts of the cab but it made little difference.

Driving through the fens on the way to Hunstsanton.

This is where I was caught up in a sandstorm on the beach at Easter.

I drove right past where we stay.

Don't you just love the traffic in Norfolk.
Even at the sea side, a goods in, is just a goods in. This one was right on the sea front at Hunstanton.

I came to a cross roads and decided to keep going straight.

My Norwich drop makes fish tanks and my 8 pallets were going to the USA . They wern't ready so I had to sit around for a while while they picked the last few.

I watched this arrive at the factory opposite.

My Attelborough drop was right in country at a house called Hogweed House , he was trying to sell it, good luck with that !

This was the car of the day just for being exactly what is says on the tin.

I was out till 7.30 pm and after another break at Cambridge to put me 30 minutes into a ten hour drive I was overtook by this clown.

I was in a truck that easily cruised at 56- 57 MPH but this rushed past like the wind.

I was told to stay at home until called today , its 1. 30 pm now and still nothing so , hopefully thats a free pass for the day.

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