Saturday, 6 November 2010


As it was Halloween on Sunday I put my pumpkin near the window to show my solidarity to the trick or treaters and to let them now that my household was partaking in the American custom of demanding money with menaces that has swept the UK in the last few years, but for some reason no one arrived.

I sat for the next few hours stuffing all the treats  that my kids and wife had left out to tempt the tricksters away.

This left no time to write a blog about the past  week .

You should know that it was much like the last week and the one before that, but with different scenery.

The people were very much the same and the people I work with lived up to expectations.

I did get one small crumb of comfort with Newcastle 5-1 thrashing of Sunderland.

I have been doing a regular run up to Washington and they were a very awkward bunch of lads at a particular site last Friday were the red and white was rather prevalent, but come Monday morning when I was back up at 8 am, the atmosphere had somewhat changed.

I did find a part of the south that I like though. It was full of orchards and the roads had names like Pipin lane and Breaburn drive Cox corner was a good one as well.

I wasn't delivering apples though i was delivering wood and although not always easy to find, you will always get a warm welcome of a joiner. They seem a cheery bunch, happy with the world and their surroundings.

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