Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Another week on the lightweights

I was speaking about the new truck I was in last week and saying how easy it was to drive.

I'm now in a truck that is less than a year old, A 58 reg 7.5 t manual Iveco and I cant believe the difference a year makes.

Its a dog.

The cabs filthy, grease covers the controls , the gears are so hit and miss that when you go to 2nd you end up in reverse , the side curtains are filthy and only open from the back and the radio cuts out when ever you go under a street light, never mind bridges.

Its a dog and its barking, Oh and its a day cab so no place to stretch out and rest, and no head rests or reclining seats.

I was over in toll road hell again yesterday and still managed to get around the west midlands without it.

Today is a 7 am in Croydon , where I am now and then I will be navigating Lewisham and then over to Horesham.

Lewisham was a bit of a nightmare. I had to find a Dialysis centre where I had a few hundred machines for them and it was proving very difficult to track down.

I eventually found it under another name at the end of a culde-sac.

I was directed to a loading bay about half the size of the lorry and realised its was easier to just handball it all off.

Its 20 minutes into my 45 minute break and 9 hours into my shift and I've still got around 4 hours driving left today.

I'm looking for a farm in Horesham so that should be fun !!

Found the farm and then found the load had tipped all over the back of the truck, DAMMN! never mind they didnt say anything while we were handballing it all off.

I was making good time getting back until this pulled in front of me

and then things got worse with this

Eventually I was in the yard and getting my notes for tommorrow. Chiswick for 7 am .

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